Nalyd stood on the poorly  constructed RV. "Last time on Survivor: User Roadtrip, our contesstants had their first challenge in Oklahoma!" A clip of Nalyd freaking out is shown. "The Villains owned the reward challenge." Mika throwing a rock at Jax is shown. "The tornado challenge was a terrifying twister!" Tobi failing is shown. "Alliances finally formed." Makweel talking to Coke and Owen is shown. "In the end, romance failed, and Crystal became the first person eliminated." Crystal sobbing is shown. "Who will go home tonight? Find out on Survivor: User Roadtrip!"

Jax: Man, last night was insane. I mean Crystal went home, but Julian ratted us out. It's just dumb, honestly. I have no clue where I stand with the rest of the tribe.

Trey: Well, my tribe won, because we're awesome. I'm the most awesome, but the others are okay too. We're gonna win every challenge and crush these Heroes.

The 23 teens exited the RV.

"Welcome to Cawker City, Kansas!" Nalyd announced.

"What's up with the lame locations?" Duke scoffed. 

Nalyd shrugged. "We're on a budget. Anyway, Cawker City has the biggest ball of twine in the world!" 

"That's not that notable, honestly." Dyna said. 

"Well, whatever. Your challenge is....." The contestants looked on in anticipation.

"to be announced by our special guest. Please welcome, from Survivor: Guatemala.....Danni!" Nalyd announced.

"Who?" Dyna asked.

"Hi guys, you probably remember me from-" Danni began.

"We don't remember you from anything." Dra said.

"You don't even watch Survivor." Survivor glared at Dra.

"Guys, I won Guatemala! You have to remember me!" Danni yelled, trying to jog their memories.

"Really?" Avery asked.

Danni cursed under her breath, and said, "Anyway, today's challenge is to roll a 100 pound ball of twine across an obstacle course." 

Jax whistled. "That's a lot of twine."

"First tribe to finish wins!" Danni announced. "Wanna know what you're playing for?"

"Yes!" Jay squealed, excitedly.

"You'll be playing gear!" Danni announced.

"Again, on an RV." Dyna rolled his eyes.

"Survivors ready?.....GO!" Danni screamed. The contestats immdiatly began pushing.

"Coke and Mika are leading for the Villains!" Nalyd yelled. "Avery's trying for the Heroes, but Toad's having trouble!" 

"I think my arm is stuck." Toad began to pull further.

The first obstacle was an uphill slope. "Villains starting to lose their lead!" Owen fell to the ground and began to wheeze.

"" he moaned,

"This challenge is making me angered." Survivor complained, as he tried to pull Owen up.

"Villains starting to pick it up again!" Dra groaned as e propelled the ball up the hill.

"Keep going!" Sunny encouraged.

"Don't die!" Jake suggested.

"Jake, pushin' it for the villains." Jake collapsed as the Villains finally reached the top of the hill. 

"They're leading! Let us go, friends!" Bruno encouraged, as the Heroes reached the foot of the hill.

"Alright, downhill should be ea-" Sunny began. "Where's Owen?" 

Owen was at the side ofthe hill crawling up. "Coming...." he called.

"Forget him, go home, goodbye!" Duke said, pushing the ball downhill. Maxwell frowned as the tribe followed it.

Maxwell: I'm scared we might keep winning. If one tribe is losing, they'll get way more screentime and steal my edit. I have to prevent that.

Julian began to push the ball up the hill. "Go Julian!" Tobi cheered. Jax glared. "I mean....meh. I could do that." he sheepishly smiled.

The Heroes finally made it to the top of the hill. "Nice job, peeps!" Jay cheered.

A huge wall met the villains at the bottom of the hill. 

"How are we supposed to get past this?" Sunny complained.

Coke and Dra rammed into the ball, which destroyed the wall. "Like that."  Coke said.

"Alright my lovelies, let's go!" Zac encouraged. His team, however, was on the ground wheezing.

Zac: My team isn't too strong physically. It's kind of annoying, but my darlings, every cloud has a silver lining. Since I'm strong, I have a guarenteed ticket to merge. Life is good, my Zactastics. 

The Villains were having a tough time finishing. "Ugh. Why are we trying so hard? It's veto, not even that important." Reddy huffed.

Survivor: Ugh, Reddy is such an idiot. He frustrates me. Maybe I can blindside him tonight. Right after I form my majority alliance. 

"Come on guys! We are in the running still!" Bruno yelled, beginning to push the ball of twine down the hill.

Coke sat on the ground, on his phone. "Ugh, I can't get a TV Star to trend themselves." he comp;ained.

Toad continued to push the ball down the hill. "Come on guys! I know were all up and ready to-" he saw his teammates sprawled all over the floor."Or not." he muttered.

Bruno began to sit up, but fell back down. "I am in the being of the tired." he complained.  

"We can't give up now." Gideon and Toad shoved the ball down the hill, sending it into the wall, which it cracked.

"Duke, help!" Sunny screamed.

"No." Duke mumbled.

"We'll vote you out!" Sunny warned.

"Kay." Duke muttered. Sunny glared.

jay ran staqright into the ball, propelling it past the wall. "Yay!" She jumped and clapped.

Trey attempted to push the ball, but to no avail. "Is it getting heavier?" he groaned.

"Looks like everyone's exhausted!" Nalyd stated. Bruno, Sunny, and Survivor all pushed the balls to no avail. Toad finally managed to move it, mere feet away from the finish line.

Trey attempted to push again, but once again failed. "How big is this thing?" He said, drenched in sweat. 

"So close!" Tobi said, and ran full force at the ball. He bounced off and fell on his face. Jaqy touched it with her pinky and it crossed the finish line.

"HEROES WIN REWARD!" Nalyd announced.

"Yes!" Mikey cheered.

"Here's your fishing gear. Probably won't be useful for anything, but meh. Villains, got nothing for you. Get back on the RV." The Heroes smiled as they walked on, as the Villains frowned.

The Heroes were celebrating. "This is awesome!" Mana cheered.

"Yeah it i-" Tobi began, and tripped over the seat and fell into Jay's lap, next to Avery.

Jay gasped. "Are you okay?" she exclaimed, checking him for wounds.

Avery: I knew that I needed to make a move, because I want to be in a good place in this game. It was now or never.

"So, um, Jay, how would, uh, you, like, a, you know, alliance, thingy?" Fire asked.

Avery: Naaailed it.

"That sounds amazing, Avery!" Jay screamed in delight, jumping up and causing Tobi to fall to the floor. "I'll tell Gid and we can be the band of four, the four musketeers!"

"Okay, okay, We don't want anyone else to know." Fire whispered pulling Jay back to her seat.

Tobi: So I have an alliance without doing anything. Huh. Funny how that works.

"We're heeeeeeeere!" Jordan called, as the words echoed through the RV and the contestants began walking off.

When everyone had gotten out, Nalyd began to talk. "Today's immunity challenge is based off a classic movie. You've all seen the Wizard of Oz, haven't you?"

"That's the one where they ride on brooms and play Quidditch, right?" Mika asked.

" But the actual movie takes place in Kansas." Nalyd states.

"Doesn't it, um, take place in Oz?" Toad interjected.

"Details, details." Nalyd brushed it off. "Anyway, your challenge is to put on a production of the Wizard of Oz."

"With what?" Duke asked. Right as he said it, a huge blacket was uncovered with two stages under them.

"With that." Nalyd said. "Tribe that purs on the better preformance wins immunity. Supplies are backstage. You guys have an hour. Survivors ready?" Nalyd asked.

"Hellz yeah!" Tobi screamed.

"Go!" Nalyd announced. The tribes ran to their respective stages,

Trey grabbed a clipboard on the Villains stage. "Alright, I'm in charge." he began.

"What? We have to have a vote, dude." Survivor insisted.

"Yeah, who died and made you king?" Sunny fumed.

"Your mother." Trey retorted.

"Ooooh, great comeback." Sunny taunted.

"Stop being OTTN." Maxwell snapped.

"Speak english!" Trey yelled.

"Edgics are english." Maxwell scoffed.

"Well, will you shut up about them?" Trey asked.

"Fine. But I'm giving you an OTTN for this." Maxwell said. Trey glared at him. "Okay, I'm done."

"Anyways, here's how it's gots to go. Mika, you're Dorothy since you're the only girl. Reddy is the scarecrow because he's stupid," Trey read off a clipboard.

"I'm nomming you." Reddy warned.

"Survivor is the Tin Man because they're basically the same person, and Sunny can be that lion dood. Oh, and Maxwell, you're the wicked witch of the west." Trey finished.

"What? Why?" Maxwell asked, angrily. Trey shrugged.

The Heroes were a much more cohesive group.

"If you don't mind, I can lead." Mana suggested.

'That's cool, Tee!" Jay beamed.

"Alright. So, Dorothy will be Jay. Bruno, wanna be the scarecrow?" Mana asked.

"I would enjoy very much." Bruno replied, smiling.

"Julian can be the tin man, and Tobi the lion. Got it?" The Heroes nodded.

"Let's get this started!" Mana cheered.

Toad walked up to Mana, Jax, and Bruno. "Hey, while we're on break-"

"We aren't actually." Mana said, and glared at Tobi, who was sleeping. "But go on."

"Us four could form an alliance, and go all the way to the end." Toad said.

"Sounds good." Jax confirmed

"Alright!" Bruno cheered loudly, as the others shushed him.

Julian ran up to Mana.

"Does this costume have any aluminum in it?" Julian asked.

'I don't know." Mana said. "Why?"


"There's no aluminum in the face paint." Mana confirmed.

"Okay." Julian said, and walked off. Jake waddled up to Trey, in a costume that seemed many sizes too small and cramped. 

"This flying monkey costume is way too small." Jake complained. 

Trey put his hand on Jake's shoulder. "Build a bridge." he said. "

What?" Jake asked.

"To get over it." Trey finished. "Ba dum tsss!" he air-drummed. 

"Go home." Jake said, and waddled out of the room. 

A bell rung loudly. "TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMES UP!" Nalyd hollered. 

"You didn't have to deafen us." Sunny grumbled. 

"Villains, you're up first." Nalyd said. The Villains walked behind the stage. After a few minutes, the curtain rose, revealing a gray house on a flat landscape. Mika stood there in a blue plaid dress.

"Somedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, my prince, will come....." She sung.

"Wrong movie!" Trey yelled.

"Oh, um. I hate my Aunt Polly!  She's mean!" Mika yelled. Suddenly, a tornado came and threw her backstage as the curtain dropped

.  "Where am I?" Mika asked, when the curtain rose again.

Dyna crouched and walked up to the girl. "You killed the Wicked Witch!" He then begang to sing. "Ding-dong, the witch isgone, ding dong the wicked witch is gone!" 

"Good singing." Nalyd commented. "

Eh.  I thought it was a little pitchy, dawg." Space said

. "Stop trying to be Randy Jackson." Jordan ordered. 

Reddy walked up to Mika. "I am a scarecrow. I am stupid." He said. "Who wrote these lines?" 

"Trey." Mika said. 

"That explains it." Reddy rolled his eyes. 

Survivor walked up to the two."I'm a tin man. I have no heart." he read off the script. 

"I am a wimpy lion."  Sunny read. He then made a small cat gesture and said "Meow." 

Maxwell crashed from the ceiling to the floor on a broom. "I'm the Witch! I'm ugly and have warts! Hahahahahaha!" He cackled. A pot of water came from off-screen, and Mika poured it on Maxwell. "AH! DID YOU BOIL THIS? IT BURNS!" Maxwell cried.

"The line is, I'm melting." Trey corrected.

The curtain fell. "That was.....a thing. Heroes, you don't have to do much to top that." Nalyd said. 

The curtain rose. The Heroes had the same landscape, with Jay in a dress on the stairs. Jay sighed. "Living with Aunt Polly is so saddening....." She sighed again. "Somewheeeeeeere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly. Birds fly over the rainbow, why can't I?" The fan suddenly turned on and dust was kicked up. "Gah! Tornado!"

Jay screamed, and was blown backstage. When the curtain rose again, they were in Oz. Avery greeted Jay. "You killed the witch! Ding dong, the witch is gone, the wicked with is dead!" Avery cheered. "

Gone." Gideon whispered off stage. 

Avery shrugged as Jay skipped down the yellow brickroad.

Bruno is then shown in a scarecrow costume. "Hmmmm? A whale?" He asked. 

"It's, "Hmmm, a girl"!" Gideon whispered from off-stage.

Suddenly crow puppets came out and began attacking  Jay and Bruno.

"Hey! Don't make me snap my fingers in a Z-Formation!" Bruno yelled. "

It's "don't make me hurt you"!" Gideon whispered again, puttting his head in his hands.  

Jay and Bruno skipped down the yellow brick path to the next stop,where Julian, the tin man was waiting.

"Does anyone else smell aluminum?" Dra asked.

"..oh no. It's in the costume. MANA LIED. HE LIED!" Julian threw off the costume and ran off stage.

"Nevermind. It was just Owen's soda." Dra said. Owen is shown teething on a can of coke.

Nalyd walked on stage. "Well, since they didn't finish, Heroes disqualify." The Heroes groaned. "VILLAINS! WIN! IMMUNITY!" Nalyd announced. 

Trey took the immunity idol from his hands. "This is ours now, baby."

"Heroes, I'll see you at the next Tribal Council." Nalyd said, walking off.

Julian: Mana is a liar. He needs to go home now.

Back on the RV, Toad's alliance was talking.

"I'm so glad Julian's going. That boy's a virus." Jax grumbled.

"Actually, Julian might not be the best move." Toad said. "Avery's the biggest threat in that alliance. Pretty strong, pretty smart. We need gim out." Toad said. Mana and Bruno nodded.

At Avery's alliance, almost the exact same conversation was happening. 

"Toad is strong, smart, an overall package.  That's why we need him out." Avery stated. Jay, Gideon and Tobi nodded.

Mikey: Well, there's a Toad alliance, and an Avery alliance. And it all leaves Me and Zac, in the middle. I've got some swing voting to do!

Zac and Mikey walked up to Toad's alliance. "Why should we swing to your side?" Mikey asked.

"Um, because we're stronger, and can help the team more." Jax said.

"That also makes you threats. Your logic is flawed. I'm not sure I can vote with you." Mikey said, and walked away.

".....what was that?" Jax asked.

"I did not know that swing votes released obnoxiousness." Bruno said.

"Why should I swing to your side?" Mikey asked Avery.

"Toad's alliance are threats?" Avery said, unsure.

Mikey shook his head, "They're strong competitors, which we need in the pre-merge. You might be heading home." Mikey and Zac walked away.

"....okay?" Avery looked at his alliance who shrugged.

"You do realize your logic kinda overlaps, right?" Zac asked Mikey.

"Whatever. They're not hearing both conversations." Mikey brushed it off.

Zac: Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. He's obviously not very good at strategy. I mean, don't come off as a condescending and blunt guy. Rule number one of alliance-making. However, I'll let senor big mouth take the blame. And I can slide on by to the finals.

Toad: Mikey's kinda cocky and annoying. And honestly, I wouldn'tmind him getting sent home. But my place in this game is in his hands.

The Heroes sat at tribal council.

"Mana, how does it feel to lose your second challenge in a row?" Nalyd asked.

"Suckish. But I think we'll come back." Mana said.

"Julian, you lost the challenge for your team. Do you think you're in danger?" Nalyd questioned.

"No. There's someone else who needs to go." Julian glared at Mana.

"Mikey, where do you stand?" Nalyd asked.

"I'm the swing vote between two alliances. And honestly, neither is doing a good job of convincing me. I can't decide who's is worse." Mikey admitted. Jax rolled his eyes.

"Time to vote." Nalyd stated. "Mana, you're up first."

Mana: *holds up vote*  Avery, no hard feelings, but you're a threat.

Jay: *holds up vote* Mikey, I'm sorry. but I'm all about nice-ness, and your attitude has been a bit of a downer lately. I still love you though!

Zac *holds up vote* Avery, Avery, Avery. Nothing to say to you, but goodbye.

Julian *holds up vote. Mana, you're a liar.

"Alright, I'll read the votes." Nalyd said. "First vote...Mana."

Mana looked around, confused.

"Next vote...Avery. Toad. One for Mana, One for Avery, One for Toad."

Toad and Avery glanced at each other.


Avery sighed.


Mikey's eyes widened.

"2 votes Avery, 1 vote Mana, 1 vote Toad, 1 vote Mikey. Next vote...Mikey." 

Mikey looked around.

"Mikey. 3 votes Mikey, 2 votes Avery, 1 vote Toad, 1 vote Mana."

Mikey shrugged. "Seems I have some haters."


Zac shook his head and said, "You should've listened." 

"Second person voted out of Survivor: User Roadtrip........Mikey. You need to bring me your torch."Nalyd said.

"Bye, b*tches." Mikey grabbed his torch and walked to Nalyd.

"Mikey, the tribe has spoken. You guys can head back to your room."  Nalyd said.

The screen faded to black, with Mikey's voice over the votes.

"I'm out, huh? Wasn't expecting it. Maybe I should've stick with someone like Zac said. Or maybe I should've been eye candy, That works too. Anyway, it was fun-ish, and now I finally get to take a shower."


Mikey- Gideon. Jay, Avery, Toad. Bruno, Jax.

Avery- Zac, Mikey, Mana

Toad- Tobi

Mana- Julian.

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