Heroes vs. Villains season.

# Contestant 1 2 3
1st Patrick N. MORM2 MORM2 MORP1
2nd Blake T. MORP3 MORP3 MORP3
3rd Ashley R. INV1 UTRM2 CPM2
4th Avery H. UTRP2 UTRP2 MORP4
5th Codie E. MORP2 INV1 UTRP3
6th Jacob W. OTTP2 CPP3 OTTN1
7th Emily T. CPN3 CPN2 OTTM5
8th Cole W. CPN1 OTTM3 OTTN1
9th Tyler D. UTRM2 UTRM2 OTTN4
10th Skyler H. MORP3 OTTP3 UTRP4
11th Bre G. UTRP2 CPP2 UTRM1
12th Grant W. OTTP5 OTTM2 CPM2
13th Brandon F. OTTN4 OTTN3 OTTN3
14th Justin C. OTTN2 OTTN2 INV3
15th Sarah H. OTTP1 MORP2 CPP3
16th Michael D. UTRN1 OTTN1 OUT
17th Brandon R. MOR2 OUT
18th Paul W. OUT

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