Heroes Male:

  1. Yul Kwon (Cook Islands)
  2. Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins & Cambodia)
  3. John Cochran (South Pacific & Caramoan)
  4. Eddie Fox (Caramoan)
  5. John Cody (Blood vs. Water)
  6. Hayden Moss (Blood vs. Water)
  7. Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan & Cambodia)
  8. Keith Nale (San Juan del Sur & Cambodia)
  9. Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)
  10. Tai Trang (Koah Rong)

Heroes Female:

  1. Peih-Gee Law (China & Cambodia)
  2. Sierra Reed (Tocantins)
  3. Taj Johnson (Tocantins)
  4. Dawn Meehan (South Pacific & Caramoan)
  5. Kat Edorsson (One World & Blood vs. Water)
  6. Sabrina Thompson (One World)
  7. Lisa Whelchel (Philippines)
  8. Shirin Osooki (Worlds Apart & Cambodia)
  9. Aubrey Bracco (Koah Rong)
  10. Alecia Holden (Koah Rong)

Villains Male:

  1. Richard Hatch (Borneo)
  2. Adam Gentry (Cook Islands)
  3. Jean-Robert Bellande (China)
  4. Todd Herzog (China)
  5. Ken Hoang (Gabon)
  6. Pete Yurkowski (Philippines)
  7. Tony Vlachos (Cagayan)
  8. Jon Misch (San Juan del Sur)
  9. Rodney Lavoie Jr. (Worlds Apart)
  10. Kyle Jason (Koah Rong)

Villains Female:

  1. Corinne Kaplan (Gabon & Caramoan)
  2. Alicia Rosa (One World)
  3. Abi-Maria Gomes (Philippines & Cambodia)
  4. J'Tia Taylor (Cagayan)
  5. Kass McQuillen (Cagayan & Cambodia)
  6. Missy Payne (San Juan del Sur)
  7. Natalie Anderson (San Juan del Sur)
  8. Jenn Brown (Worlds Apart)
  9. Natalie Bolton (Micronesia)
  10. Twila Tanner (Vanuatu)

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